How To




1. Fold out handle arm from the top all the way around until it rests on the bottom of the top long bar.
2. Pull the pivot arm from inside the top bar and swing all the way around the end of the top bar.
3. The short arm on the end will pivot as you swing the blade around.
4. Rotate the pivot arm away from the blade and rest the small "notch" to the bottom edge of the handle arm.
5. Rotate the pivot arm around the handle until it "snap" closes into place providing automatic tensioning.
6. Reverse instructions to close 






1. Use any sturdy flat edge to remove c-clip

2. Slide the grooved pin out and remove the blade

3. Place new blade inside the frame and slide the grooved pin back through the outside hole

4. Use flat edge to snap the c-clip back over the grooved pin

5. Follow same instructions for the other end of the blade



Use & Safety

Safe handling of the BOREAL21 is a designed in feature.  In the closed position, blade points are concealed within the deep chanel of the saw, making packing and handling easy.  Also, the one-piece design allows for folding, unfolding and tensioning of the BOREAL21 while holding the saw handle and plastic pivot arm  -  no need to contact the blade.  Nevertheless, when the BOREAL21 is open, the exposed blade points are extremely sharp and the saw must be handled with care.  Wear gloves to protect your hands.  Also, always wear safety goggles and suitable clothing when using the BOREAL21.