FEATURES/DESIGN: What are your different handle and frame design combinations?

We have four different combinations for you to choose from: clear anodized frame with Goldfinch Yellow or Forest Green handle, or satin black anodized frame with Goldfinch Yellow or Forest Green handle.

FEATURES/DESIGN: What are your different sawblades and which one should I choose?

We have four saw blades for you to choose from. Each of these blades is geared towards a different function. The All-Purpose will work, as its name indicates, for various different applications, or for green wood. We have another blade for use on dry or seasoned wood. Finally, we also have the aggressive "Sidney Rancher." Made specifically for the BOREAL21. It is a hand sharpened and an extremely long-lasting and durable saw for any application.

FEATURES/DESIGN: How do I replace the blade?

The BOREAL21 blade is designed to be replaced easily - no special tools are needed. Use any sturdy flat surface (knife edge, flat screw driver, key, etc) to remove and replace the pin clips to change the blade. Go to our BLADE GUIDE page and view our how to video on changing blades.

FEATURES/DESIGN: Can I use any 21" blade with the BOREAL21?

The BOREAL21 has been specifically designed and tested with top quality blades having specified hole-to-hole dimensions that produce optimal blade tensioning for enhanced wood cutting performance.  Nevertheless, you can use other 21" blades that are dimensionally similar to our blades.  However, there may be slight variation with other 21" blades and we just can't guarantee that you'll always have the same cutting experience as you have with our blades.

FEATURES/DESIGN: Are there any loose parts?

Absolutely not! The BOREAL21 is one connected assembly and opens in one smooth motion in seconds.

FEATURES/DESIGN: How do I make sure I don’t touch the saw blade when I open or close the saw?

You won’t need to - the saw is designed to be opened and closed quickly and easily, without touching the saw blade at all. You’ll be holding on to the pivot arm and handle while opening the saw. And when the saw is in it’s closed position the saw teeth face down inside keeping the blade and your other equipment from being damaged.

FEATURES/DESIGN: How heavy is the BOREAL21?

It’s very light - weighs just over 1 pound


SHIPPING: How long will it take to receive my BOREAL21?

Please allow 3-5 days for your order to be shipped.

USA orders ship through USPS priority with tracking (2-3 days)

Canada orders ship through Canada Post express with tracking (2-3 days)

International orders ship through DHL worldwide express (1-3 days)


SHIPPING: Can I track my package?

When your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation email including the tracking number.  Please allow up to 24 hours for the tracking number to be registered.